Myofascial Release

Mindful Matters Wellness Mysofacial Release

Using hands-on techniques Mysofascial Release, MFR, involves applying gentle sustained pressure into connective tissue restrictions to decrease pain and restore motion. Myofascial Release is a safe and gentle form of manual therapy that is extremely effective in improving circulation and improving movement patterns in the body. Throughout our MFR Session we may utilize progressive muscle relaxation techniques, guided mediation and YoungLiving Essential Oils, providing you with the healing power of touch, soothing sounds and smells as well. MFR Sessions are scheduled for a full hour to provide sufficient time of direct hands on treatment as each technique requires increased durations for effectiveness.



~Each Sessions is 60 minutes in Duration~

Single Session - $115

3 Pack - $339 (Save $6)

6 Pack - $666 (Save $24)

10 Pack - $1,090 (Save $60)

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