Potential Insurance Reimbursment


Depending on your personal insurance plan, you might have physical therapy reimbursement benefits for "out-of-network" physical therapy. Clients are advised to follow these steps when requesting reimbursement for fee-for-service physical therapy care:

  1. Prior to your Initial Evaluation verify your Out-of-Network Benefits (i.e. out-of-network physical therapy coverage and physician referral requirements for self-reimbursement)
  2. If your insurance requires a physician referral you can bring your referral in with you to your initial evaluation or have it sent to our office via Fax (414)808-0489
  3. Ask your therapist for an itemized receipt following care. (Itemized receipts will contain all necessary information for claims submittal to your insurance company)
  4. Download and complete a Health Insurance Claim Form from your insurance company's website. (Again, it is recommended that you verify your benefits personally prior to submissions.)
  5. Mail both the Claim Form and the itemized receipt(s) to the address listed by your insurance company, and your insurance company will reimburse YOU directly.

*Please note: This only applies to physical therapy sessions and does not apply to wellness programs OR Medicare beneficiaries.

**Mindful Matters Wellness does not guaruntee insurance reimbursements, as verifications and paperwork are patients' responsibility.