40hr+ Yoga Skills Enhancement

Our vision is to provide a new avenue for people searching to gain a deeper understanding of yoga and how it can enhance their personal or professional practice.  Whether you are considering becoming a yoga teacher or trying to enhance your professional practice with increased yoga knowledge and skill, this course will help bridge the gap between practitioner and potential teacher.

Our goal is to help each student learn what it takes to be a yoga teacher with philosophical and anatomical knowledge, public speaking, sequencing of classes, posture modifications and especially how to apply a yoga practice off the mat and into everyday life.

Spring 2019 Pricing



This Yoga Skills Enhancement is broken down into 3 weekends (Friday-Sunday) over a course of three months.   Further Details coming soon.



Jennifer Lavin and Heather Prach

Jennifer Lavin, PT, DPT, RYT, CPYT

Jennifer Lavin, PT, DPT, RYT, CPYT

Heather Prach, RYT

Heather Prach, RYT

Spring 2019 Dates

March 2019: TBA

April 2019: TBA

May 2019: TBA

Spring 2019 Application

All interested participants please complete application below and we will be in touch with you asap regarding your status of approval.   

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